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LIG-SYSTEMS : Flyers software

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Flyers – Laboratories software :

TDNexLabs – General Laboratory : Efficiency at your fingertips              MKT553_flyer_TDNexLabs_EN
–   Accreditation module – In the pursuit of laboratory efficiency and quality           MKT572_flyer_Accreditation_EN
–   Non-Conformity management module – Continual improvement in quality       MKT565_flyer_Non-conformities_EN
–   Document management module – The right document online and at your fingertips       MKT561_flyer_document_management_EN
–   TDAnalytics – A new dimension for your statistics                             MKT578_flyer_TDAnalytics_EN
–   TDSupervision – Advanced monitoring service                                  MKT562_flyer_TDSupervision_EN
–   TDWeb – Order tests and consult results at patient’s bedside             MKT552_flyer_TDWeb_EN
–   TDPatient – Results server for your patient                                         MKT564_flyer_TDPatient_EN
TDWorkstation – Middleware : Interface instruments and manage results                MKT554_TDWorkstation_EN_A4
TDBactilink – Middleware for paperless bacteriology                              MKT576_TDBactiLink_EN_2017_A4
TDNexLabs Microbiologie – The electronic bench in microbiology        MKT555_flyer_TDNexLabs_Microbiology_EN
TDGenet – Patient-centric software for genetics laboratories                  MKT563_flyer_TDGenet_EN
TDHistoCyto – Boost your laboratory efficiency                                      MKT548_flyer_TDHistocyto_EN
TDBiobank – Added value and traceability for your biological specimens                 MKT567_flyer_TDBioBank_EN
TDBloodbank – Transfuse the right product to the right patient                                 MKT575_flyer_TDBloodBank_EN
TDHarmony – Middleware solutions                                                       MKT579_flyer_TDHarmony_EN

Flyers – Logistics software :

Biosolver – Optimization and management of nurses’ tours                 FR-Biosolver_Flyer  (French)
Biotrack – Management of courier tours with traceability of samples    FR-Biotrack_Flyer    (French)